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Entheogenesis: Personal Healing is Planetary Healing With Robin Flynn

With Robin Flynn

With Robin Flynn

Robin Flynn

Plant Medicine Ceremonialist & Sanctioned Teacher of Pachakuti Mesa Tradition

Robin Flynn is a Hampiq Ńust’a (a healer priestess or modern medicine woman), heart-centered guide, plant spirit medicine ceremonialist, New Earth ambassador, visionary artist, and sanctioned teacher of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition. As a ceremonial practitioner, Robin offers true and lasting experiences of healing and awakening through Earth-honoring reverence, transformational creativity, shamanic wisdom, trauma-informed ecopsychology, and the power of personal sovereignty. 

Robin is bridging ancient cross-cultural shamanic wisdom, transformational art and creativity, quantum healing modalities, and Kamaska curanderismo within the dynamic evolutionary waves of the emergent global psychedelic renaissance. Her syncretic and integral approach empowers each individual to become the shaman of their own healing and awakening journey.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in ecopsychology and environmental studies from Naropa University, and a master's degree in good and sustainable communities from Northern Arizona University. Since 1999, Robin's been mentored by beloved elders and generous wisdom keepers from South and North America in the art of ceremony. She is exceptionally well trained, and has participated in and facilitated well over 1,000 entheogenic and shamanic ceremonies. 

Robin has seen first-hand the incredible light and staggering shadow of the psychedelic and ceremonial realm. From this experience, Robin co-created (with her husband Darcy Kopas) the “Resource and Empowerment Therapeutic Model” of healing, which bridges Earth-honoring shamanic wisdom and leading-edge new science. She's a co-founder of Visionary Hearts and Star River Sanctuary healing center. Robin teaches online and offers international transformational healing retreats.

Robin Flynn