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The Cycle of the Way of Life

Broadcast on May 12, 2023
With Darryl Slim
Hosted by Joe Tafur, MD

According to Darryl Slim, traditional Diné medicine utilizes a life cycle that helps relatives understand the meaning and purpose behind each stage of life. Each rite of passage provides deeper understanding into healing personal and collective trauma.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • The Cycle of the Way of Life helps you understand your own growth
  • Healing takes place through being present to the moment
  • Unwellness happens when looking back to the past or forward to the future
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Darryl Slim

Co-Founder of K'é Community Lab

Darryl Slim is a Diné wellness mentor. He is a member of the Tangle clan on his mother's side and the Manygoats clan on his father's side. He is Bitter Water clan on his paternal grandparent side. He is Walking With Others clan on his maternal grandparent side. Darryl grew up in Sand Springs and Pinon in the Diné (Navajo) Nation. He learned traditional medicine from his grandparents Danny and Aurora Joe.

Prior to focusing on wellness mentoring full-time, he owned a successful heavy equipment construction company. He was honored to receive American Indian Business of the Year in 2010 from the American Indian Chamber of Commerce. Darryl lives with his family in Mesa, Arizona. He loves to listen and share with all the earth's relatives, water his plants, and play with his two dogs.

Darryl Slim