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Integration and Practice With Sacred Plant Medicine

Broadcast on May 11, 2023
With Martina Drassl
Hosted by Joe Tafur, MD

Martina Drassl discusses healing with sacred plant medicine and integration using somatic experiencing tools. She also shares her experiences guiding healing sessions at Nihue Rao, an Ayahuasca healing retreat center located in the Amazon jungle, plus her continued work as a somatic experiencing practitioner.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • Practice and healing in the Shipibo lineage
  • Integrating positive and challenging ceremonial experiences into daily life using SE tools
  • An experiential somatic experience 
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Martina Drassl

Somatic Experience Practitioner

Martina Drassl is a curandera who works with Amazonian master plants in the Shipibo lineage of Maestro Ricardo Amaringo. She started her healing journey with the plants in 2009, and has spent extensive time at Nihue Rao Centro Espiritual in Iquitos, Peru where she supports and guides people through the healing process. She is also a licensed somatic experiencing practitioner and integration coach. While Martina travels extensively, she was born in South Tyrol, and has lived there throughout her life. 

Martina Drassl